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Rediscovering Freedom: A Journey to IBS Wellness

Introduction: Let’s face it – navigating life with IBS can feel like being stuck in a maze of misinformation and frustration. If you’ve been through the doctor’s office, heard that your IBS is stress-related, and felt the despair of being told there’s no solution – you’re not alone. But, here’s the truth: your journey to an IBS-free life is entirely in your hands.

Breaking the Cycle: My Personal Journey: I get it; I’ve been there. Two decades of research, nutritional exploration, trial and error, alternative therapies, and detox retreats led me to a 99% IBS-free life. And guess what? My clients, too, are experiencing 85-100% relief from IBS symptoms.

IBS Stressing You Out?

Acknowledging the Stress: First things first – it’s okay to admit that IBS is stressful. The constant worry about flare-ups can create a vicious circle. But here’s the good news: you can step off the merry-go-round.

Three Main Types of IBS: Understanding your IBS type is key: IBSC (constipation), IBSD (diarrhea), or IBSM (combination). Stress, triggered by the central nervous system in your solar plexus, can lead to flare-ups.

Challenging the Stress Myth: Yes, stress worsens IBS symptoms, but not every stressed person has IBS. Believing your IBS is stress-related perpetuates the cycle. It’s time to break free.

Your IBS Symptoms Are Mainly Due To Diet…

Nutrient Decline and Convenience Foods: Our diets have changed dramatically, with 70% less nutrition and an influx of ‘convenience’ foods. Processed, microwavable meals might seem quick, but they lack nutrition, leading to malnourishment and disease.

Junk Food Danger: Convenience foods contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and digestive issues, including IBS. Disconnection from real whole foods weakens the immune system, making us vulnerable to diseases.

Food Health Check: Take a moment to assess your kitchen. Count processed items versus real, whole foods. The ideal ratio for good health and zero IBS symptoms is 80% whole foods and 20% minimally processed foods.

Your IBS Symptoms Are Reversible!

Embracing Change: In 2015, I began helping people break free from IBS, providing a natural, safe solution. Clients now enjoy more energy, confidence in their food choices, and an improved quality of life.

Your Path to Freedom: If you’re ready to say goodbye to IBS, book your IBS Call with me, Helen Waddington, The IBS Coach. Let’s embark on the journey to an IBS-free life together because, after all, we all deserve to be IBS free!