About Helen

Helen Waddington, The IBS Coach

FODMAP, food allergy testing, blood tests – I had tried it all!

It wasn’t always this easy for me. 20 years ago I was where you are now – frustrated, embarrassed, at the end of my tether with my gut issues.

I had no idea what was causing my IBS symptoms, I was confused and scared about eating, and my quality of life was really suffering.

It felt like my body was letting me down.

You name it, I tried it. Elimination diets, the FODMAP, food allergy tests, cameras, endless medications that made me feel worse with the side effects.

I was referred to many different specialists including a gastro and a dietician.

Nobody could help me.

It felt like life was on hold.

Dating, socialising, work, travelling, working out…it was all taking a hit. My stress and anxiety levels were through the roof, which caused more symptoms.

Something had to change. I made it my mission to find answers.

I spent years researching digestive health and trialling different diet combinations to see if any of them worked. I attended different healing retreats, studied Nutrition and spent a fortune on different supplements and therapies.

And finally I found the solution – IBS freedom!

Since actively healing my gut, my symptoms are almost non-existent and I go about life the same as everyone else. I know exactly what to eat and how far I can push the boundaries.

No, I don’t live a vegan, raw food zen-like lifestyle. I’m a busy business owner with a great social life. My IBS doesn’t trouble me as I know how to look after my gut and now we love each other. My women’s intuition is back and I trust my gut completely.

What I love most is sharing these gut healing secrets with other women.

Women have so much stress to deal with. We put pressure on ourselves to be the perfect mother, wife, partner, daughter, as well as looking the part and performing well at work. And many of us get stuck in a negative belief cycle which brings our energy down. We deserve a break!

That’s why I only offer coaching, courses, detoxes and corporate wellness for women.

My methodology is simple to follow, helps you make better choices and eat foods that heal over foods that harm your gut microbiome. But we don’t just look at food. Mindset plays a big part and women with IBS often struggle with this the most. You might have been told for decades that you will never be rid of IBS, that you will just have to ‘put up with it’ or been gaslighted into believing it is all in your head!

My courses and coaching will help you lose weight, get bags of energy and reduce 85%+ of your symptoms within a few weeks.

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