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The 72-hour Gut Reset for Women

In this easy-to-follow ebook I guide you through 3 days of holistic steps to reset your gut, decrease bloating, reduce IBS symptoms and massively increase your energy levels.

Reclaim your health, heal your gut, transform your energy – with holistic nutrition coaching for women.


How long since you felt truly healthy? 

When did you last wake up raring to go?

Do you always feel bloated by 3pm?

Can’t do a day’s work without brain fog?


You can get out of the cycle of doctor’s appointments and medication and enjoy a full, free life in a healthy body!

Helen Waddington, your Women’s Health champion

Bloating, IBS, and brain fog can creep up on you. But they’re not an inevitable part of getting older. It’s perfectly possible to transform your health at any age. You just need to know where to start and who to trust.

Let me guess – you’ve tried all sorts of diets, food restrictions, medical appointments, blood tests and specialists. But you always end up where you started. Tired, bloated, and frustrated at the thought of “is this it now?”

I’m here to tell you there are natural, healthy ways to deal with IBS, gut complaints, weight gain and energy-sapping women’s health issues. I’m a nutrition-based holistic health coach dedicated to getting women out of pain and into a lighter, healthier, happier future.

I offer coaching, workshops, detoxes and employee wellness packages. Start by getting in touch for an informal chat.

To your health and happiness, Helen xxx


Reclaim your health and energy levels in midlife

Compassionate support

I know how it feels to be at a loss about your health. My coaching is kind, understanding, and non-preachy – always!

Healthy methods

I teach natural, drug-free ways of working with your body and gut. No more diets, weird fads, or harsh medical interventions.

Results you can trust

You’ve already spent too long worrying about food and your health. My methods work within weeks and last forever.

How can I help?

IBS Support

Learn how you can improve your gut health, naturally, quickly and safely with our supportive courses

Corporate Wellness

Workshops and online courses to support employee wellbeing in the female workforce.

What my clients are saying

Why women need women-only health support

Despite menopause and women’s health issues making the headlines, there’s still so much bad advice. Even medical professionals can’t seem to agree on the best treatment. And you never know if you’ll be given the brush off.

Seeking support for health issues takes courage.
That’s why women need services and support that are just for women.

My coaching, workshops, retreats and online courses are for women experiencing IBS, gut issues, energy slumps, unexplained weight gain and other frustrating, life-changing health problems.

I teach healthy, real-life methods including nutrition, stress management, gentle movement and lifestyle changes to address the cause and reduce the symptoms.

You deserve to get off the cycle of dieting, doctor’s appointments and medical tests.

A healthy, happy, light and bright future awaits!

For women who want big improvements in their gut health and energy levels

Find out more about my IBS Freedom Method and online coaching courses

For HR professionals who want to support the women in their workforce

Get in touch about in-house workshops and online support for employees

“I lost 21 lbs!”

Rachel lost a stone and a half on our IBS Freedom course as well as getting rid of her unwanted symptoms and leaned precisely what her body requires from her in terms of diet and lifestyle. As a busy mum with her own business time to take care of herself was not her priority but now she knows how far she can push things whilst enjoying feeling fit and healthy.

“I had asthma and psoriasis…”

Anne had painful IBS and was also struggling with Asthma and Psoriasis. She had been unable to find anything that worked for any of these health issues but whittle help of the right diet all of these symptoms alleviated, to the point where she no longer needed her asthma medication! Plus no more IBS symptoms…

Head to Your Resources page for 21 of my most popular IBS friendly Recipes and get natural health tips and the latest women’s health advice on my Blog

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