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Your Resources

Your Resources

I created a series of eBooks, provide you with gut friendly, tried and tested Recipes, and Natural Health Articles to help you safely navigate through the online noise…

My Shop

Want to buy tried and tested supplements, kitchen gadgets, natural health products that will benefit your life and not break the bank?

I have carefully collated a selection of items that I use myself, and have recommended to countless clients and students over the years. 

I have negotiated a discount and a fair price for you if you decide to buy anything from one of my ranges.

Check out my selection of eBooks, My Natural Products, Gut Friendly Meal Plans and Essentials for an easy life. 


Gut Friendly Recipes

If you never know what to eat to feel good, these easy-to-make recipes will be a real time saver.

Check out the different categories, from breakfasts, to main meals, sides, soups and more…

Eating for good health doesn’t have to be bland and boring, I believe in colourful, tasty, nutritious and energising food, with a sweet treat on the side! Click the button to head on over to the recipes page!

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Natural Health Articles 

It can sometimes seem hard to navigate through the conflicting information online and on social media. With all the memes and incorrect information it can feel impossible to know what to do for the best.

To ease the burden, I created a series of down to earth and quick to read articles that will keep you informed, saving you time and cutting through the online noise to find the answer you’ve been looking for. 

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