Workshop Feedback

Here is some feedback from participants of my Corporate Health and Wellness workshops.

Their candid testimonials provide valuable insights into the transformative impact of my programs on their physical health, mental well-being, and improved workplace satisfaction.

As you explore these reflections, you’ll gain firsthand perspectives on how my Corporate Health and Wellness workshops have empowered individuals to achieve a healthier work-life balance, enhanced productivity, and a greater sense of fulfilment at work. These stories underscore my commitment to promoting well-being as a cornerstone of professional success.

May these experiences encourage you as much as they motivate me to continue championing the health and happiness of your corporate community.

A session with Helen will literally change your life and I can’t recommend her enough. If you want to put an end to your struggles in a healthy and holistic way look no further.

I’m a new woman and feel so much healthier and happier. Along the journey I’ve even got rid of my asthma which is crazy after suffering for over 30 years! I feel full of energy, less bloated and have lost weight along the way giving me a boost of confidence.

I cannot thank Helen enough for her support and guidance. She’s super knowledgeable and approachable. Don’t even contemplate booking an appointment with her. Just do it!…It REALLY WILL change your life for the better

Caroline McKensie

Execitve Accounts Manager

I have been following Helen’s Diet Plan for two months and the results are amazing.

Before working with Helen I was tired at work in the afternoon and felt like my energy levels could use some improvement. I had got stuck in a rut with my eating patterns and wanted some inspiration to get excited about food again.

I feel so much healthier, I have more energy feel less bloated and I am happier within.

Helen is the absolute best and is highly recommended. 

Heather Bailey

Marketing Executive

As my body started to increase in age my body became intolerant to a lot of things that I had previously enjoyed eating.

After a visit to see Helen she confirmed that I had developed an intolerance to many foods people would presume was a normal daily diet.

By following Helen’s program and valuable advice I have seen the results and feel so much better in myself. I recommend to anyone who is suffering with bloating and food intolerances to contact her and get some help.

Life is for living and definitely not for suffering in silence. Thank you Helen, You have changed my life for the better…

Paula Manderson

Administration Managing Director

Head of International Sales

I was impressed with the way Helen presented at the Healthy Eating workshop.

I have been studying natural alternatives for some years and through my own research I found a lot of what Helen discussed with us rang true. It is for my own personal health reasons I wanted to find better solutions to help me gain the energy I need to perform my role effectively and I learned useful facts about the link between gut health and our immune system.

Great work Helen! I will certainly sign up for your next presentation.

David Starkey

Head of International Sales

I really enjoyed the presentation. It elaborated on some of the things I already knew and helped to remind me about the simple things I have power over to improve my health.

My job is very stressful at times and it is all too easy to forget to drink enough water and not eat properly when I am snowed under.

I would be happy to recommend Helen to come and present at your business, it gave me some motivation to take better care of myself.

Rebecca Wilmott

Execiutive Assistant

I have only just recently joined the company and I am impressed how seriously they are taking the health and wellness of its employees.

It feels positive and inclusive. I was happy to the workshop to learn more about how to stay fit and well at work. My job can be demanding and I want to do the best and be the best I can, being in my client facing role

Thanks for the tips, Helen! I definitely recommend your healthy workshops.

Tobias Prior


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