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Escape the cycle of faddy, unsuccessful diets, tests, and trial medication for your gut issues.

Start seeing fast changes with effective, compassionate support from a women’s gut health expert.

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The IBS Freedom Method For Women

Your complete toolkit for IBS symptom reduction, trusting your gut and falling in love with food again, whilst building deep understanding to effectively support your bodies internal needs…


Within the first 4 weeks, you can expect to:

          • Start healing your gut and notice a huge difference in how you feel

          • Get rid of stomach bloating and wear your ‘good’ clothes again

          • Reduce IBS pain, discomfort and unpredictability

          • Enjoy food again and know what to eat for your body

          • Boost your energy to last all day, every day

          • Fight risk of disease and feel confident you are in good health

          • Reduce IBS stress, depression and anxiety and feel mentally strong

          • Take big strides towards achieving a healthy weight

Stressed about bloating? Anxious about eating? Feeling really lethargic?

The IBS Freedom Method is a simple to follow methodology, containing everything you need to become IBS free. Designed with you in mind to give you the knowledge, tools and resources to radically change your quality of life and enjoy the here and now!

Understand Your Body

IBS is a warning sign that something is wrong. Symptoms won’t go away or get better on their own. Learn what’s happening to your body and why, then learn to heal your gut the natural way.

Feed Your Gut

Fall in love with food again! You may have been restricting your diet and might have some anxiety around food. Eating a bland diet is boring, unsustainable and causes problems with malnutrition. Learn what, when, and how to eat to nourish your gut. With no food fear.

Feel The Love

You don’t need to do this alone. Support and accountability can help you to stick to a health plan. You can choose to be personally supported with tailored 1:1 coaching to get even quicker results. 

Natural, safe changes in just 12 weeks

Your IBS Freedom Method

Get amazing results with minimal fuss at home, in your own time. What you get:

Video Tutorials


IBS Friendly Recipes

Full Email Support

Fall back in love with food whilst safely healing your mind and body from IBS trauma.

Reduce your IBS symptoms, gain energy, ditch the brain fog and feel like ‘you’ again!

GOLD IBS Freedom Method

This option includes everything in the standard IBS Freedom Method plus:

Dietary Analysis

for deeper understanding of how your current diet is affecting you

Accountability Coaching

for targeted action planning and the motivation to achieve your goals

This enables you to achieve your IBS freedom with more support every step of the way

What my clients are saying

“I struggled with Crohn’s”

Dee was diagnosed with Crohn’s some years ago and her digestive health was poor. She didn’t know what to eat and if she was ever going to feel in control. Since starting The IBS Freedom Method, Dee has noticed how she can control how she feels by eating the right, or sometimes wrong, foods. And has improved her digestive health by 95%. Great work Dee!

“I couldn’t get to work…”

Linda came to me on a recommendation from one of her clients. Linda had so much trouble with her digestive system that even getting to work in the morning was a hard won battle and going out for the day was just not an option. Since completing the IBS Freedom Method, Linda not only enjoys days out, events and getting to work problem free, but she also has enough energy to enjoy her life after work and spend quality time with her partner and 4 years on, Linda is now running marathons!

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