Feeling Stressed Out?

Quite often feelings of stress, anxiety, tiredness after poor sleep can be attributed to a toxic overload.  Our bodies go through incredible detoxifying processes each and every day and our liver bears the brunt of this process.

In fact, the pressure on our liver each day is enormous. For instance, did you know that our liver is responsible for around 700 different processes within the body every day? Cleansing the blood is just one of these vital functions. Without strong blood cells transporting vital energy in nutrients around the body all day every day we wouldn’t last very long.  The liver also helps in breaking down fats to produce energy as well as playing an important role in blood clotting so we don’t leak to death every time we cut ourselves.

The more toxic we are the liver becomes more compromised. Therefore we put weight on and it becomes much harder to lose it…

We live in a toxic world. No matter how hard we try, we cannot go back to the natural state of the world before the Industrial Revolution. We have chemicals in our air, water and food chain that was never there before. Our liver cannot keep up with this. And whilst the liver is busy cleaning all this poison out of our bodies it isn’t breaking down fat cells to produce energy.  It also isn’t providing you with good immunity to fight disease, illness and infection.

Add on stress, being overworked, alcohol use, medications, tobacco and recreational drugs.All of these need to be filtered through the liver, further stressing this tired organ of ours. Not to mention toxic household products, poisonous non-natural toiletries such as anti ageing creams, fake tan, make up and sun tan lotion which absorbs straight into the blood stream. This all gets processed and hopefully filtered out of our bodies.

We come into contact with over 2000 different chemicals within the course of a normal day and the liver struggles to keep up with this toxic overload naturally. Having recently lost my mum to liver cancer, I know more than most how important it is to keep your liver working well for you.

An overworked liver struggling with toxic overload can be the start of many, many health problems within the body.


Home Detoxing

There are things you can do at home to reduce daily stress on your liver.

You can ensure that you are hydrated with clean, pure energised water. This helps the ‘flushing’ through of toxins and takes a bit of pressure off. You can use organic natural beauty products and avoid sun cream altogether therefore reducing the toxicity going straight into your blood stream. You can drink healing, natural cold pressed juices to stimulate and cleanse the liver. You can use non toxic household products and reduce skin contact with those that are toxic. You can eat organic foods and steer clear of any processed foods to stimulate your entire digestive system and allow your liver to benefit from this intense nutrient boost.

We know that we should all be doing this each and every day. But is that realistic in today’s world?
A method I have been using for the past two decades is to go on detoxing retreats. This effectively reset the whole body in the space of a few days. For me, this is the best method to detox my liver and give my whole body and brain a rest from the real world.

Tell Me More?

Detoxing usually involves fasting for a period of time. There are many different options out there from extreme fasting to kinder yet still effective fasting retreats. I have tried many over the years and prefer a gentle approach now I am heading towards 50.

Detoxing is the key

You will see many home ‘Detox kits’ available to buy. Sadly, these are not particularly effective without a knowledge of nutrition or background in natural health. There is no magic pill that can do the job of detoxing for you. It is a whole body process and unless you decide you want to go completely green and live as organically as humanly possible steering clear of toxins then heading to a reputable detox retreat is the next best thing.

Detoxing is something I discovered in Koh Samui, Thailand.  Having been recommended by a friend I went along to the Dharma Healing International Centre and spent the most amazing week of my life detoxing under the guidance of an incredible Guru, Hillary Adrian Haan.

I was amazed at how good I felt after completing the seven day Retreat with Hillary.  I had never felt so alive, clean, focused and ready to face the world.  I vowed to myself that I would continue to detox at least once a year to ensure that my body got at least one out of every fifty-two weeks off from the world in which to heal itself. And prevent long term disease.

Since then, in truth I have personally fasted and detoxed around 13 times. Life got in the way a little over the past few years however having enjoyed a summer of healing in 2022 I am now super excited to be able to offer my own healing detoxing retreat to you.


What Is A Detox?

The word detoxification refers to the natural elimination of unwanted toxic chemicals from the body; where the body processes them for elimination. Thus a particular metabolic pathway with a series of enzymatic reactions neutralize and solubilize toxins and then transport them to organs of elimination for excretion.
As a verb the word “detox” is used; which is the action that takes place.
We erroneously think that this action only takes place when we put some particular program or practice into effect. However the body is always detoxifying to keep you healthy. It is just when this natural body process stops working, gets clogged-up, and isn’t able to do its normal daily operation of enzymatic reactions for neutrilizing and solubilizing that the alarm goes on telling us we had better put some effort forth to help it.
Thus as more and more people are having this alarm go off–their ears and other senses are being bombarded with noise from the body, for the first time–everyone is being called to action.
Detoxification reactions can occur throughout the whole body, although the liver is the predominant detoxifying organ, then the intestinal tract, and then the kidneys, also the lungs, lymph and skin. But in actuality, every cell in your body has organelles for detoxification. The liver and also the kidneys just happen to have the most number of organelles, and for good reason: every drop of blood passes through both of them.
Resting the organs of digestion, from eating, as in fasting:
1. Stimulates the liver and galbladder to release toxic excess
2. Promotes the kidneys, large intestine, lungs, lymph and skin to eliminate
3. Improves blood circulation

My Health

I’m reasonably fit although there is always room for improvement.  I eat really well.  I ensure my digestive system functions as well as it can.  But that doesn’t mean I am safe from cancer or that I won’t get run over by a bus. I am constantly learning how to prevent disease by allowing my body to self heal gaining new skills and finding new ways of feeling energised, happy and healthy.
I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without detoxing being an integral part of my life.

Dharma Detox Retreat

This retreat is really special and has been years in the making. I was ready to host retreats back in 2020 before covid hit and had the first one up and running. Fast forward three years and I met an incredible woman, Paula Rimmer of Dharma Detox and we have paired up as business partners to bring you this refreshing way of cleansing the body and protecting your liver.
For More information please contact me directly at helen@theibscoach.com or click here to go through to our information page

“We All Deserve To Find True Health!”

With love, Helen x