Can you relate?

You may have braved the doctors surgery to discuss your IBS symptoms and been told that your IBS is ‘stress related’. You may have been told that there is nothing you can do about it. You may also have been told that your IBS isn’t diet related. Another thing I hear from my clients is that they have been told that they will always have IBS, that it is incurable.

Having worked with thousands of women over the years who have successfully reduced their IBS symptoms, naturally, using the IBS formula I created, I have to completely disagree with the above statements.

I don’t disagree that you are stressed. Of course you are stressed. You have IBS and IBS is stressful. It can be a vicious circle.

There are three main types of IBS:

  • IBSC, mainly constipation
  • IBSD, mainly diarrhoea
  • IBS C and D a combination of constipation and diarrhoea.

As your entire body’s central nervous system is located in the solar plexus just behind the stomach, when a stressful or emotional situation occurs this can easily trigger an IBS attack more commonly known as a flare-up. Therefore, it is easy to assume that your iBS symptoms are caused by stressful situations.

This is not entirely the case…

Sure, stress certainly exacerbates your IBS symptoms. Stress makes every weakness in the body worse. But even the most Zen people will find some stress in their lives. Stress is impossible to avoid 100%. Everyone has stress and not everyone has IBS.

Psychologically, if you are convinced that your IBS is stress related it will continue to be ‘stress related’. You will continue to be stressed and you will continue in this cycle of trying to not to ‘stress out’ in case you get an IBS flare-up.

Which in turn means that you will continue to struggle with IBS.

Your IBS Symptoms Continue, Mainly Due To Diet…

Our daily diets have become less and less nutritious over the years with approximately 50% less nutrition  in the past 20 years and up to 80% more ‘convenience’ foods consumed on a regular basis.

Since the invention of the microwave over 40+ years ago, and with the necessity of both partners usually having to work, the human race has been looking for ‘quick fixes’ and pre-prepared foods to eat.

The problem with this is that these foods contain a lot less nutrition, leaving the body malnourished and open to disease. Not to mention the inclusion of all the nasties, like colourings, preservatives, too much salt, growth hormones, the bits of meat off the slaughter-hours floor, the left over veg peelings and all the normal waste materials that would possibly not really be fit for human consumption but they can be overcooked, preserved, coloured and neatly packaged up for you to simply open a packet, microwave it and consume.

This might look like food, smell like food and to a degree even taste like food. However, your body will not recognise it as food, leaving you feeling hungry after you have eaten and craving more. Usually something sweet as your body will be searching out for its own ‘quick fix’ in terms of useful nutrients.

All this convenient food is contributing to the obesity crisis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and of course anything stomach related; Crohn’s Colitis, Diverticulitis and other Inflammatory Bowel Diseases along with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Bowel Cancer.

This dis-association with real whole foods is the cause for all disease as regularly eating this way will lower your Immune System meaning the your body will have less chance fighting against all diseases. Your Immune System is of particular importance amidst this current Covid-19 crisis and something we should all be thinking about more seriously. To protect ourselves and protect our families in a natural and safe way. Our immune systems have been keeping us alive for hundreds of thousands of years.

There are no short cuts to getting your health back on track. Eating properly is the only way to ensure good health. We cannot ‘quick fix’ nutrition. And no. Powdered supplements, vitamins and minerals will not substitute a proper diet.

Food Health Check

Take 5 minutes right now to look in your kitchen cupboards and count up all the ‘food’ items you have that are in a packet, tin, jar, bottle, that is pre-prepared or ready cooked including sweets, crisps, ice-cream and other junk food items.

Now count out all the real, whole foods. Whole foods are foods that come from the earth and have been processed as little as possible such as fresh vegetables, fresh whole fruit, whole grains like organic oats and rice, organic meats, fish and poultry that has not been interfered with, fresh herbs and spices.

Now compare the two piles. Which pile is larger?

For each meal you make how many fresh, natural, whole ingredients go in and how many packet ingredients go in? The correct ratio for good health, a strong immune system and zero IBS symptoms should be:

80% whole foods / 20% minimally processed foods

Is that how your kitchen cupboard contents weigh out?

Is anyone else in your family ill? Do they suffer with their health? What do they eat? Would you be willing to improve the health of your family as well as your own, prolonging and improving the quality of your lives as a unit, preparing your bodies to fight disease every single day?

These are important questions to ask yourself if you are getting ready for change. Eating differently will likely cause some disruption within the family unit as humans are creatures of habit and like to do things the same, with very little change. However, there are ways of making these changes with minimum fuss from partners and children and with maximum benefits.

We can discuss this in your IBS Call 

Your IBS Symptoms Are Reversible

I started The IBS Coach (formerly Glorious Food) in 2015 to teach women how to become IBS free and to provide a natural, safe, effective solution to getting your life back.

My IBS clients are now enjoying more energy and are totally confident about what they are eating and their quality of life is greatly improved. For more information, check out the IBS Success! page.

If you are ready to find out how you can be IBS free then book your IBS Call with Helen Waddington, The IBS Coach today.

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